_newOur rabbits were adopted from the Washington, DC chapter of the House Rabbit Society. For more information about keeping house rabbits, visit the House Rabbit Society Web site.

Most pet stores don't have good supplies for house rabbits, so here are Dora and Paisley's favorite stores: BunnyBytes, Busy Bunny. Both of these stores stock good healthy bunny treats and supplies.

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The manicure at the vet's went very well. They both handled it like champs. I think we'll just let the nice people at the vet do this for us from now on. I am happy to report that they are getting more and more affectionate by the day. I woke up this morning and had to be very careful not to move too suddenly because there was a bunny on the bed. They've been hanging out with us all night tonight which is pretty unusual. Generally they eat some dinner and go back under the bed for a nap.

We'll be taking more pictures soon, but in the meantime, feel free to purchase lovely Dora and Paisley merchandise!


The bunnies managed to survive Thanksgiving. We kept them in our room, which is where they like to hang out anyway. Once the guests were gone, we opened the door to let them roam free again. Paisley immediately reclaimed his freedom by jumping on the bed. He came back downstairs in a few minutes.

Dora, however, refused to leave the room. She wouldn't even be lured across the threshold with a carrot. It took us an entire day to get her out of there, and then we closed the door for the rest of the evening to make her readjust.

I am glad to report both are now back to normal.


We gave up on clipping Paisley's nails and made an appointment for a manicure with the vet.

Time for cute bunny stories!

Morning Bunnies
In the morning they know it's time for breakfast. I often find one or both waiting for me when I come out of the bathroom. They will chase me down the stairs and do the "happy pellet" dance until I put food in their bowl. This morning Dora decided that she couldn't wait for the bowl to hit the ground and tried to eat from it while it was still in the air.

After I feed them I do my morning yoga routine. I've had to become very careful, because very often there is a bunny where my arm or leg needs to go. They like to pull on my pant legs and nudge my feet while I'm lying there.

At some point they sneak up stairs to hide under the bed for the after-breakfast nap.


We tried to clip Paisley's nails last night and it was a total failure. Well, I got one, but that's it. Art was able to hold him no problem and he didn't fight too much, but as soon as I went near his feet he started making a nervous "snuffle" noise and then he started to grind his teeth and nibble on Art. That's when we gave up.

We gave him a few pieces of apple to try and make up for freaking him out so badly.

We're going to give him a drop of "Rescue Remedy" tonight and try again. Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic medicine that helps to keep you (and your pets) calm. I've used on myself, and lots of bunny articles mention it for rabbits.

Other than that life with the bunnies is a hoot! Keeping them from chewing on the baseboards is a constant struggle. It doesn't seem to matter what else is around to chew on, they still like a little painted wood from time to time. The mornings with them are really fun. When I come downstairs in the morning they hop all over my feet and run in and out of my legs. I'd like to think it has something to do with me, but it's all about breakfast! When I'm doing yoga they sniff and nudge me, which is really cute!

Art gets quality time with them when he gives them their carrots. Boy, do they love their morning carrots!


Can't get enough pictures of the bunnies? We did a little photo album of the bunnies first day home. The guys seem to be settling in really well. When I came downstairs this morning, they hoped right over to me.

They have incredibly healthy appetites and will probably eat us out of house and home! For those wondering, they are very well litterbox trained. We have no major accidents, that would be the wet kind!


Meet the newest members of our family, Paisley and Dora!
Paisley is the speckled one, and Dora is the insanely cute Holland lop. Yes, she will stay that small and cute. Paisley is a Mini-Rex, which means his fur is like velvet. For those wondering about Carly's allergies -- they are no problem. She spent about 2 hours in a rabbit infested house without so much as a sniffle; she even got scratched and had no reaction!

They will be coming home in about two weeks, so expect lots of bunny fun in the future.

There are a lot of images, so the load time may be a little slow.

Bunnies First Day

arial bunnies



Paisley is not camera shy.


could she be any cuter

Dora says "hello" to Art