On our Walls

If you’ve been to our house you know that Art and I have a rather,
er… , eclectic art collection.  We tend to buy one or two
pieces every year at various art and craft shows.  We try
not buy at the shows that Art
is working
— that way we don’t just spend whatever we make
at the shows.  We do shop when we go to check out shows that
Art is interested in — not sure about the logic in this!

Below are links to the various artists whose work we’ve collected:


What a Beautiful Garden
Graham Davidson
– 3D Collage (Fredrick Festival of the Arts)

We must have looked at everything in Graham’s booth 2-3 times.
They were all hilarious!  Whe we left her booth, Art looked
at me and said — “Which one?”  We went back and
spent another ten minutes looking before we could choose.


The Dream Tarot
– Block Prints (Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival)
There’s no pictures of the one we have, but check out the “New
Moon Pool
” and “As
Above So Below

The Judgement of Paris by Grant SilversteinThe
Judgment of Paris

Grant Silverstein – Etchings
(Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival)

He doesn’t seem to have a website, so here’s a picture of the
piece!  For the mythologically impaired, it represents the
from Greek mythology
when Paris had to choose which goddess
was the most beautiful.

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Annapolis 4th

We went to Annapolis, MD for the fourth of July this year. We went to the Paca house, which was very pretty and explored the historic section of town. When we got to the waterfront we discovered several ice cream parlors. Showing admireable restraint, we only sampled the wears of one.

The Annapolis 4th of July parade was sadly disappointing. Somehow I figured that the state capital would have a nice parade with floats and Shriners and such. Apparently I was very wrong. The highlight of the parade was, I guess, a caravan of corvettes. These were not vintage 50s corvettes, just a bunch of corvettes. There was a brief glimmer of hope when I thought there was a synchronized Segue team, which would have been hilarious. But, of course, that was too good to be true. It was just two guys with too much money on Segue scooters.

After the “parade,” we had a picnic on the state house grounds. Art made yummy dahl and pita. Yes, he made pita bread.

Then it was time for the fireworks. I love fireworks! I was a bit concerned after the pathetic excuse for a parade, but the fireworks were definitely up to par.

We are planning a return trip to Annapolis at some point. I’m hoping we’ll be able to afford a “boat and breakfast” stay on our next trip.

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