What I did on My Summer Vacation

It’s taken me ages, but here’s part one of the vacation to
Vermont story!

Marblehead, MA
My Uncle Jim took a bunch of us on a great walking tour of Marblehead
the morning of the wedding. It’s a really beautiful place. There’s
an incredible number of 18th century houses. They are all clapboard
and weathered. Most of the older houses even have plaques on them
which state when they were built and for whom.

At Abbot
we saw the original ‘SPIRIT OF 76.’ I love seeing the
original of famous paintings that are reproduced over and over.
Check it out if you ever get the chance! We also took time to
visit the Peabody-Essex
in Salem, which is a few minutes away. If you thought
that all Salem had to offer was witches and salt water taffy,
check out this museum. It’s a beautiful building and the museum’s
Americana collection is fantastic.

Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves full of fried clams &
steamers at the Barnacle; New England style comfort food – yum!

My cousin’s wedding was a blast. She & her husband put together
a beautiful ceremony and the weather even cleared so it was held
outside. It was so picturesque we kept expecting a fawn to prance
by on cue. We ended up dancing until midnight. One of the highlights
of the night was dancing the Hora to the longest Hava Negila ever!
The Hora is so much fun in a room full of people who are really
getting into it!

Grafton, VT
Meadow Farm

The cottage was everything we hoped for and more! The outside
was so cute and the inside was appropriately rustic and charming.
Much to our surprise a fabulous sauna was tucked away at the back
of the cottage. We’ll post pictures as soon as we get them developed.

The farm was much larger than expected, about 100 acres. Besides
the herb garden our cottage was in, there was a large vegetable
garden, fields, woods, hiking trails, and several ponds. One of
the ponds was even deep enough for swimming! The water was insanely
cold, but Art went swimming almost every day and I managed to
get in on the last day.

Our hosts at the farm, Don & Liisa, were charming people.
We were made to feel extremely welcome, but they never intruded.
Don even shared some of the bounty from his garden with us.


Grafton is a beautiful little town — it was even voted one of
the most beautiful in the country by USA
. There are historic buildings, an
exquisite inn
, and more charm than you can shake a stick at!

Many of the town businesses are part of The
Windham Foundation
, including The Grafton Cheese Company.
It adds an interesting element to the whole experience to know
that the town exists as it is because of this foundation.

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