Night of the Radishes

We had our first “Night of the Radishes” party on Sunday night. It was a smashing success!

What’s “Night of the Radishes” you say?

Why it’s a traditional event in Oaxaca, Mexico on December 23rd. They grow special, HUGE radishes and then carve them into traditional nativity scenes and other fabulous things. We did not have any huge radishes, but we did have a lovely assortment of root vegetables for people to choose from. The guests were amazingly creative. Pictures will be forthcoming of the incredible creations.

What did we serve?

Thanks for asking. Well, we served Art’s fabulous Mexican hot chocolate (chocolate from melted chips, not cocoa powder, and spices) with homemade marshmallows, french bread with radish butter, Sun and Moon Cakes, chips and salsa, daal with pita, a nut-based salsa, and other yummy treats. We also had six-packs of He’brew, champagne punch, and Snow Goose Ale.

Much thanks to all our guests for making this such a great party!

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