Eagles, Bluebirds, and Hawks…oh my!

Exciting feathered friend news! There was an article
in the Sunday Washington Post
that sent us off on a bald eagle hunt
in the freezing cold!

We drove over to Fort Foote Park, and actually saw our first eagle on
the way. It was really exciting. I couldn’t tell at first if it was a
hawk or a vulture, but then I saw the white head and got a clear view.
It was unmistakably a bald eagle.

So Cool!

At Fort Foote Park
we saw a few more eagles and I saw my first eastern
. It was so pretty! There were about a half-dozen that we
could count.

It was really cold at the park, so we headed off to a few other locations,
but didn’t see any more eagles. We had some hot chocolate and went home
to warm up!

In further exciting bird news…

A red-bellied
has become a frequent visitor to one of our bird feeders.
It’s quite large and only comes when nothing else is knoshing. And, as
if that weren’t exciting enough. Art saw a coopers
perched in a tree in our backyard today! It sat there long enough
for him to make an accurate identification in comparison to the broad-winged
hawk he had seen recently. That makes 31 species Art has identified in
our yard.

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Four More Years

For the unaware — Art and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and eight years of togetherness on New Years Eve.

For those who were aware — Yes, it was really cold that night. It seems to get colder with every year that passes and everyone who tells the story! According to Weather Underground it was 34 degrees and a record low that night. For those wishing to relive the moment – here’s a jaunt down memory lane.

We had a great dinner at Indique, an Indian bistro in Cleveland Park and then went to see Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was really stunning visually. Cute story — not thrilling, but really visually dynamic film.

We started chanting “four more years” at some point during the evening. I started seeing campaign buttons with our faces on them. We thought it was funny.

We ended the evening snuggled on the couch drinking incredible champagne (courtesy of Dad) and watching the Ball drop on TV. The champagne is from Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves, which we visited when we were in San Francisco.

The night ended around 1:00am with a phone call from my sister, Amy, informing us that Alexei had popped the question! Yeah! More tall men added to the family!

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