Red-headed Woodpecker Sighting

We saw quite a few birds on our weekend adventures. We did a little eagle
watching and saw three or four eagles. The write-up about the places we
went made it sound like there would be so many eagles that you would practically
be fearing for your life.

Not quite.

We also saw a red-headed
, a first for Carly. Along with the red-headed woodpecker,
we also saw a kinglet,
an eastern
, and several hawks – along with many other more common birds
like geese, cardinals, and sparrows. Don’t mistake me, I love seeing cardinals
in the winter. That flash of bright color always makes me happy!

We also went to Luray Caverns
— it was pretty great!

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A day in Luray

We went to Luray Caverns this past weekend, and I have to say
it was well worth the price of admission. The tour took about
an hour and allowed for a pretty leisurely pace along the 1.25
mile path. The caverns really were quite incredible. My favorite
place was the “Dream Pool.” I’m sure that it’s the favorite
place of many, many people. Sadly there isn’t a good picture on
the Luray Cavern’s website to show you — but it gives you something
to look forward to.

Caverns (Luray, VA)

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