Big Sky….

We just got back from our first trip to Montana! There are quite
a few entries on this site about our trip, so follow the links
to get the whole story! Art’s cousin Amy, who lives in Bozeman,
MT, got married on May 29 — which is why we went out there. The
ceremony was at a beautiful location just outside of Bozeman called
the Spring Hill Pavilion. Crazy weather aside (hail, rain, snow,
etc.), the wedding was lovely and lots of fun! I’ll post some
pictures when we get them!

Bozeman is a really cute town of about 35,000 people. It sits
in a valley and is ringed by mountains. It was absolutely beautiful.
The main street area has lots of great little shops, and the Montana
Ale Works quickly became a favorite to quite a few of the guests.
Moose Drool Beer
— hmmmm…

Thanks to Art’s mom, we also got to spend a couple of days at
Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone was incredible. We actually
got to stay at the Old Faithful Inn (Photo
), and it’s definitely worth the hype. We all (Ella and
Sexton joined us in Yellowstone) thought the Inn was amazing.
It’s steps away from the Old Faithful Geyser. It snowed our first
night at Yellowstone, so sight seeing the next day was an act
of endurance, especially for Ella, who’s five months pregnant!

I think we all liked the Paint
the best of the geysers and thermals, the pictures really
don’t show how cool it looks. The most amazing site was the Grand
Canyon of Yellowstone. It was absolutely incredible. I don’t think
any of us expected Artist Point to be that breathtaking.

Of course we also saw lots of animals. We didn’t get to see any
bears, but lots
of other amazing furry and feathered creatures.

Another amazing adventure that Art and I had on this trip was
white water rafting! I was really nervous about this, but it turned
out to be a real blast! The Gallatin River is beautiful and our
guide, Dennis,
was great. If you are up Big Sky way, check out Montana
White Water
and go rafting!

Yellowstone National Park

Yellow Bellied Marmot

Yellow Bellied Marmots
Yellow Bellied Marmot
Vicious Looking . . .Isn’t it

Elk – pretty….

Time for lunch!

Gimee your lunch . . .

Quoth the raven

no…really…give me your lunch

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Amy and Brett’s Wedding


The father of the bride.

The Bride and Groom (and cattle)

Scottish Highland Cattle

Or, as we like to call them – Montana Yaks

Another Shot of the Happy Couple

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