Goodbye, Mr. Paisley

Mr. Paisley died today. We’re very sad. Dora is very sad.
He had gotten sick a few days earlier, and we took him to the vet. We
were giving him medicine and fluids, but I guess it was just too late.

We had him for almost half of his life. He was about eight years old.
Not bad for a big ole bunny. I glad to know that we gave him a good home
and he gave us almost four years of love and fun.

We’re going to miss him. I won’t have anybunny doing yoga with me in
the mornings any more. Dora’s not much for the yoga. That was always something
Paisley would do with me. In the last six months or so he had begun begging
for carrots in the mornings. It was really cute. He would stand on his
hind legs and balance on my legs trying to get carrots.

He was a good bunny, from morning to night and from night to morning
— an all around good bunny.

See the archive for the bunnies
first day with us.

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