Christmas, Hannukah, and Anniversary 2006

I’m a bit behind in all manner of updates!

Just before Christmas Art’s mother and both sisters, husbands
and babies came for a visit. We got to meet both of our nieces
for the first time. Lucy and Rylie were both great babies — Lucy,
who is older, gave Rylie some drooling and sitting up pointers.
Lucy’s already walking, so she has lots to teach her young cousin.

I had the week off between Christmas and New Years — spent all
of it with an awful cold (both me and Art), which actually started
on Solstice (ended ritual with a 101 fever). Lot’s of green goo
involved in the experience. But, Art and I made the best of it
and had a few fun adventures.

We did a couple of nice winter walks around the area. The main
one was around the Rock Creek Trail, which is actually closer
to the Capital Crescent trail than Rock Creek Park. I love that
walk because there are some great spots, like where you come out
of the woods and see the Mormon Temple looking like a big ole
fairy tale castle. Then you go under a bridge, that just has to
have a troll living under it! We played about 10 rounds of Pooh
, and I think in the end I lost.

Baltimore Day
We had a great day in Baltimore with our friend Bubbles (who,
of course, caught our cold and is now suffering). We went to the
Visionary Art Museum,
which I can’t recommend highly enough. It’smy friend Angela’s
favorite, and I can see why. It was really phenomenal. The cafe
there is also really good — I had Volcano Rice Pudding — it
was freakin great! We also went to the Walters
to see an exhibit about the art of a Russian city called
Novgorod. We also hit the American Dime Museum which was closing,
so we had to go see it. It was filled with tacky side-show crap.
Mostly a lot of crap, but for $5 it was amusing!

Anniversary Day
(5 years?!?)
We spent the afternoon letterboxing
around Georgetown
. Turns out there is a series of 10 Microboxes
in G-town. It was really fun — makes you feel like a spy. Most
of them are a bit off the beaten path, but a few are in really
public locations! It’s about a 3 mile walk around G-town. We found
all of them but #9. After that we went home, took a nap, and got
ready for dinner. We had dinner at Uni:
a Sushi Place,
which is one of our favorite restaurants. Dinner
was fabuluos, and included a sake sampler. I discovered a new
sake which I really liked. Can’t remember the name, of course!
It was strangely milky looking, but the flavor was incredible.
We finished the night seeing Syriana — which was okay, not great.

I guess that’s the big update! Happy New Year everyone!

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