I Made a Pie!

I Made a Pie!, originally uploaded by CarlenLea.

My first sour cherry pie of the summer! I love how the crust turned out. The trick is basting it with heavy cream before it goes in the oven. No, I’m serious — you cover it with a thin layer of whipping cream. I learned that from Martha Stewart!

I don’t think you can see it in the picture, but the air vent is the stem for two pie crust cherries. I think that’s super Martha!

The pie tasted good too, but Art says I need to practice more. 😉

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A Grand Adventure Weekend

We had quite the grand adventure weekend. As a matter of fact, it might be one of the grandest in some time.

On Saturday morning we hopped in a Volvo S40 we got from Zip Car (our car is starting to die, so we’re not taking long trips in it) and headed off to the Lavender Festival. The S40 is one of the fancy sport-sedans that Volvo makes these days. It’s definitely a nicer ride than a beat-up Sable wagon! The drive to festival was really nice. We stopped at a market with a big picture of pie on the sign and it turns out that they did have fresh and frozen pies., and the festival was a good excuse to hit the road. It’s not very big, but there was a lot of lavender and a lot of bees! We had a good time walking down the rows of lavendar and smelling all the different kinds. We bought some new plants for the garden from the nursery that sponsors the event, including lavendar — of course, and ate some lavender-laced foods. We also briefly listened to a lecture on herbal bonsai, which was an interesting idea.

Once we finished at the Lavender Festival, we jaunted off to our PATC cabin! I was very excited to actually have a little weekend away. We stayed at the Gypsy Spring cabin, which has nice modern amenities like toilets and electricity. We went for a little hike that night, and then had a dinner of chorizo, salad, and Dancing Deer cookies. Art had a good time reading the cabin log book and I finished a book I brought with me and did a little embroidery. Aren’t we just the most exciting people?

The next morning we did a short 4-mile hike. It was really nice. It started to get super hot just as we were finishing. We headed back to the cabin to clean up and then left for Rock Hill Orchard for our annual sour cherry picking extravaganza. We picked about 30 lbs of cherries!

We got home to happy bunnies, who had been well cared for by a friend, and had dinner and a cherry cobbler for dessert! Let the sour cherry maddness begin!

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