Art’s Birthday

We hiked Old Rag for Art’s birthday again this year. Thankfully for me it had rained the night before and looked like it might rain that day — which means once again I escaped the ridge trail. We hiked the other trail up, which is a bit longer — but not evil like the ridge trail.

It started to clear up pretty quickly and turned into a really beautiful day. We made crazy good time up the mountain! As we approached the top, we started to feel the wind. I’ve never understood what “rushing wind” sounds like until that moment. It was so loud and so strong. Gusts must have been 30-40mph. We found a nook at the summit and tried to get the tea house to serve us.

The tea house nearly blew away in the wind, but we persevered and had tea and scones. Then we got out of the wind and back into the forest area, where the wind died down. We hiked back down, once again in record time. Drank some cider that we bought on the way from Williams Orchard in Flint Hill and went home!

Photo0036.jpg Photo0038.jpg Photo0050.jpg Copperhead Photo0046.jpg Photo0045.jpg Photo0044.jpg Photo0041.jpg Photo0040.jpg Photo0039.jpg

It’s Fall Already?

How did that happen? It’s October? Okay then — Here’s what’s been happening since the last update in August.

When we last left you, Art and Carly had just come home from a lovely summer vacation in the Adirondacks.

For my birthday we repainted (yeah!) and re-organized the front room of the house! It’s the first time we’ve painted downstairs since we moved in 5 years ago! It’s now “Vanilla Scone” and the trim is a dark purple.

Rearranged Living Room       Re-arranged living room       Re-arranged Living Room

Art of course then had a couple of shows. The first was in Alexandria, and then back to Solomon for Annmarie Gardens and then down to Crozet, just this past weekend.

The Booth at Alexandria Arts Festival       Art's New Live Edge Shelves       Photo0045.jpg

Of course, being us we’ve been hitting the farmers’ markets and other local farms in search of seasonal local goodies.

Pick a Peck!       Hmmmm...squash       Goat

Then of course it was time for Holly’s wedding, so we were off to Philly! Not only did we get to enjoy being back in Philadelphia, but also getting to see the whole Drauglis clan in one place — including our young nieces. You can see lots of pictures from our adventures in Philly at Flickr.

Basset's Ice Cream       Art and his cheesetake       Self Portrait

Riley       Lucy       Philly Mural

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