Art and Carly, the First Ten Years

That’s right party people — welcome to the beginning of the second decade of Art and Carly. On December 30th, we celebrated 10 years of togetherness and today we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. So here’s a lovely little photo montage to remind you of the past ten years.

Or if you like you can see it on Flickr in our Decade photo set

Night of the Radishes, Part Deux

We threw a Night of the Radishes themed holiday party again this year. We did this a couple of years ago and it seemed to be a hit. So after a holiday party hiatus last year, we went hollywood-style this year and released a sequel. Why the attendance was down this year, the creativity was not. Check out the phenomenal crudite creations from Night of the Radishes 2006.

Crudite Creations

Click to see larger views (on Flickr)
The Angel Gabriel appears before Mary to explain her sudden craving for pickles Jay Ferguson, Seagull Gabriel, in your face Adam, Eve, and that slut Lillith Herbert Ashley & Eric's Menagerie Seagull? or Ternip? Frosty Night of the Radishes

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