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Camping with Bears

Bear Can Mosaic

Nothing like camping and bringing the bears with you. Our bears proved that while bear cans may be resistant for wild bears — the teddy bear has no problem breaking into it.

Pictures from our recent trip to the Adirondacks. A few more on Art’s Flickr account.

1. Carly finds inner peace atop the castle of yore, 2. Wright, Marcy, Algonquin, 3. Atop the Castle of Yore, 4. toad, 5. At the base of the slide, 6. We did a poor job of hiding our bear can, 7. We didn’t know chipmunks could do this!, 8. The largest bear made off with the oatmeal, 9. Rocky Falls, 10. the weaver, 11. reading, 12. 07-08-06 038, 13. The Vodka Drinker, 14. Stuck?, 15. We did a poor job of hiding our bear can, 16. Art, 17. toad, 18. We didn’t know chipmunks could do this!

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