Gleaning Day!


¬†Just call me Ruth! It was gleaning day at our CSA farm, so I was out in the fields picking away. We came home with quite a haul. Art snapped this shot of me with my bag full of parsley. Thank goodness we have a pet rabbit, or all the parsley might have gone to waste! Needless to say it was not on the top of any one else’s list of things to get bunches and bunches of.

We also came home with tons of pumpkins, string beans, and green tomatoes. I’m off to try my hand at pickling half-sour green tomatoes!


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Cute Overload Excitement

Yeah! I’m a pointer-outer! I sent this photo to CO months ago, and it appeared to day.


And……we found out that a picture of Paisely that he sent to Disapproving Rabbits ages ago was included in the forthcoming Disapproving Rabbits book. As you can see, he was a master of disapproval. Dora was no slouch either.

Paisley & Dora

What an Internet Phenomenon experience week!

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the crowd @ Crafty Bastards

Hey — That’s us! A friend caught us in a crowd shot at Crafty Bastards and didn’t even realize it until she got home and started processing the shots. We didn’t actually see each other there. We did meet some folks from Etsy, which is very exciting since Art and I both have Etsy shops!

So look on the left side of the photo in the foreground — that’s us!

p.s. don’t forget to check out Art’s new solo blog.

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Art’s New Blog

Because one is never enough! Art and Carly will continue to show our joint adventures, but Art now has his own blog for his solo adventures and his work at

a drauglis blog

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