Meet Princess, Petunia, Vanilla…Err the New Bunny

Meet the newest member of our household. Another freeloading fuzzy critter. Apparently being cute and fuzzy, and a good friend to Derby will be her main contributions to the house. 😉

The rescue group named her Princess, but that name isn’t working for us. This will actually be the the first time we’ve renamed a bunny. I suggested Viola, but Art didn’t like that. Petunia has possibility, and Art’s also thinking Vanilla. I like Petunia the best.

After nearly a year as a bachelor he seemed to be getting lonely so, yesterday we did the whole fun “bunny speed dating” thing to see if we could find a love connection for Derby. Only one girl did he terribly dislike — immediate fighting ensued. The rest he seemed only marginally interested in, but Miss Petunia (formerly Princess) did an admirable job of showing him her finer qualities both in ear licking and generally being an all around good bunny.

We briefly thought we’d end up with two new bunnies. A sweet girl named “Drummer” who was found as a stray living on the streets of Baltimore almost came home too. And seriously folks — what the hell makes someone think that a white domesticated rabbit can live in the wild. Don’t dump the damn things in the streets of the city or the country.

Anyway. The three were getting along pretty well, but then some bickering began and sadly we opted for the sweet Petunia. Drummer was really sweet, but she’s just not used to other rabbits and I think would do better on her own.

More pictures of Derby’s dating adventures

Bunny Magic Rabbit Rescue is where we adopted Petunia. They had many, many rabbits who still need homes as do several other local rescue groups.

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