S.S. Petunia, listing hard to port!

Our Petunia is fighting a terrible bunny condition called head tilt. She looks so cute in this picture, taken the first couple of days. Her condition has stabilized and we have high hopes she’ll pull through and recover entirely. I’m looking forward to her head being upright where it belongs again.

But the really amazing thing, has been the support of the Bunny Lovers Unite (BLU) community on Flickr. These amazing people have been providing support and advice beyond imagination. They even prod us for updates if we don’t provide them every couple of days!

We’ve been posting the updates on Petunia’s recovery on BLU, and you can follow them there too.

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2008 Adirondack Adventure

Photo Collage from our Adirondack Adventure back to Heart Lake. Head over to Flickr to see more!

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