Mount Vernon

BumblebeernrnWe took a nice trip down to Mount Vernon.  We’ve been many times, but it’s always nice to see the gardens.  It’s amazing how many subtle changes there are each time we visit.  I always think of places like Mount Vernon as fixed because they are historical, but there are new things all the time.rnrnThis bumble bee is one of the amazing things we saw in the gardens.  We also saw some wild turkeys trying to sneak into the area set aside for a wine tasting event.  It took us a minute to realize these were wild turkeys, because there are so many animals around the property.rnrnWild Turkey headed to the wine tastingrnrnWe saw a sheep being hand sheared down at the colonial farm section of Mount Vernon.  We also saw two barn swallows in the barn.rn"I say, is this perch taken?"rnrnIt’s funny with all the animals and exhibits that the curators carefully set up, the barn swallows were one of my favorite parts of the day.  I’ve never been that close to these birds!rnrnAll the pictures were taken by Art and the description of the day by Carly.  More on Flickr.

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