Derby and the Blue Fuzzy Bunny

Derby Flopped, Fuzzy Blue Bunny Drooped

Our friend Casey had a little bit of angora left over from a knitting project, so she made us a new bunny out of it.  Derby has been getting to know his new little friend and, as you can see, seem to be getting along rather well.  He won’t share his frozen water bottle with the little blue guy yet — but I think that’s okay.  😉

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Grilled Cheese, anyone?


Grilled cheese sandwiches

Homemade Rye bread (this is picture from July – before the 12-pound loaf came into our life) with Woodcock Farm (Vermont) blue cheese.

We visited Woodcock on our cheese tour in ’03 and ’05 and met owners and cheesemakers Mark and Gari Fischer. At the time they were not, as far as I remember, making any blue cheeses or using cow’s milk, so we were excited to spot this cheese at the Brattleboro Co-Op. We were not able to make a visit to Woodcock again, but were glad we could keep up with what Mark and Gari have been doing. The CurdNerds have an excellent post about Woodcock Farm here:

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