Welcome the New Trio

They seem to be settling in quite nicely.....

Millie, Henrietta, Olaf

I was hoping to share our weekend in Cape May before posting about the new bunnies, but the word got out and I was slow.

Meet (Left to Right) Millie, Henrietta, and Olaf.

We’ve had them for three weeks now, and they are starting to settle it. This picture makes them look huge and cranky.  In reality, they are small as cute and sweet.  Olaf is the smallest of the three, and the reason we ended up with this bunch. Just after Derby died, Art showed me a picture of Olaf.  He as still really, really young.  Super tiny and oh, so cute.  It really made me smile.  The adoption listing said he was still too young to adopt, so I figured by the time he was ready — we might me.  Well, it turned out the listing had been up for a bit, and he just needed to be neutered and then he’d be ready.

Art and I decided to go meet Olaf and his siblings.  No commitments, just a go-see.

Yeah.  Right.

The second we laid eyes on Olaf, we knew he’d be coming home with us. Then the question was — which sibling?  His brother Robin was a sweety, but two boys can be difficult.  We had seen a picture of Henrietta online too, so I started to play with her a bit.  Art went outside to see the bunnies that were getting to play in the grass.  Turns out Olaf had another sister, and Art was rather smitten with her.

That’s how we ended up with all three.  I liked Henrietta and Art like Olaf. Since they were about 1.5lbs each, we figured all together they’d make up a really fat version of Derby.  Heck, even if they managed to grow to 2lbs each –they’d still be less than a Paisley.

We’ve never had baby bunnies before.  These guys are nine months old.  I  supposed that’s more like adolescent bunnies, though. All our others were probably at least 2 years old when we adopted them.  We really have no idea how old Paisley, Dora, or Petunia were.

Now we’re adjusting to things like litter box training.  I’m impatient, because Derby had the best litter box manners EVER.  I think they are starting to get the hang of things.  At least they are super affectionate.  It took months (okay maybe a month) for Dora and Paisley to warm up to us fully.

So welcome the new bunnies.  For lots more pictures of their cuteness, check out Flickr.

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