I’m just not sure what to say……

Yes, I am a star.  Now give me a carrot.

What is there to say. Our rabbits are super stars! First Dora and Paisley make the Disapproving Rabbits book. Now Derby is a star on Cute Overload. The original Flickr photo now has 2,800 views and 20 people have favorited it. There are over 71 comments on the Cute Overload posting, too. To think I was excited to be a CO “pointer outer.” This is much better.

And in other exciting internet news, Pup of Monster Cabinet made the home page of Etsy and has quite a few new fans too.

In additional Internet fun too, check out this Amy Sedaris video starring her pet rabbit and a cupcake shop. She’s shilling for Microsoft, but we’ll forgive her because the video his hilarious and talks about the House Rabbit Society.

[update 2/11/08] Derby has been compared to several well known disapprovers. I made a mosaic for a side-by-side comparison

Derby and the Comparisons

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Meet Princess, Petunia, Vanilla…Err the New Bunny

Meet the newest member of our household. Another freeloading fuzzy critter. Apparently being cute and fuzzy, and a good friend to Derby will be her main contributions to the house. 😉

The rescue group named her Princess, but that name isn’t working for us. This will actually be the the first time we’ve renamed a bunny. I suggested Viola, but Art didn’t like that. Petunia has possibility, and Art’s also thinking Vanilla. I like Petunia the best.

After nearly a year as a bachelor he seemed to be getting lonely so, yesterday we did the whole fun “bunny speed dating” thing to see if we could find a love connection for Derby. Only one girl did he terribly dislike — immediate fighting ensued. The rest he seemed only marginally interested in, but Miss Petunia (formerly Princess) did an admirable job of showing him her finer qualities both in ear licking and generally being an all around good bunny.

We briefly thought we’d end up with two new bunnies. A sweet girl named “Drummer” who was found as a stray living on the streets of Baltimore almost came home too. And seriously folks — what the hell makes someone think that a white domesticated rabbit can live in the wild. Don’t dump the damn things in the streets of the city or the country.

Anyway. The three were getting along pretty well, but then some bickering began and sadly we opted for the sweet Petunia. Drummer was really sweet, but she’s just not used to other rabbits and I think would do better on her own.

More pictures of Derby’s dating adventures

Bunny Magic Rabbit Rescue is where we adopted Petunia. They had many, many rabbits who still need homes as do several other local rescue groups.

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Cute Overload Excitement

Yeah! I’m a CuteOverload.com pointer-outer! I sent this photo to CO months ago, and it appeared to day.


And……we found out that a picture of Paisely that he sent to Disapproving Rabbits ages ago was included in the forthcoming Disapproving Rabbits book. As you can see, he was a master of disapproval. Dora was no slouch either.

Paisley & Dora

What an Internet Phenomenon experience week!

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In Memorium — Dora — 1999-2007

We lost her yesterday. She was just a great bunny. The one on the bottom right was taken the day before she died.

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Hello, Mr. Derby

Big bunny news! Well, actually — little bunny news. We went to bunny adoption day today, or as Dora likes to call “speed dating.” Dora met four fine gentleman, and finally selected Derby, a handsome brown mini-rex.

Derby the bunny
One of the four, Bramble, decided that nooky was the way to start their encouter — he was instantly ruled out. Dora is just not that kind of doe. It was too bad, he was a handsome rabbit and very outgoing.

She also met with Bales and Fiejte. Both were most polite and fine candiates, but in the end she and Derby just hit it off. Derby also did a fine job of winning over Carly and Art. He sat on Art’s lap while the other boys went to meet Dora. He looked a bit jealous and concerned. Later when he and Dora had the chance to spend a little more time together with Carly chaperoning — he turned his charm on Carly. He hopped about her, nudged and tugged on her shoelaces. He also was most willing to stop for petting.

Derby and Dora had a bit of ear licking and cuddling, then groomed themselves and just got comfortable being around each other. Derby is a little skittish, because one of his fellow foster-bunnies recently attacked him, but he figured out quickly figured out that Dora was a good bunny that would make a fine friend. They found much common ground including a shared love of timothy hay and papaya treats.

Dora and Derby are currently off on their “bunnymoon,” and should be arriving home in about a week to their fabulous two-story cottontail cottage. They have registered at Bunny-bytes and, of course, donations to the House Rabbit Society are always appropriate.

Mr. Paisley can’t be replaced, but we think that Derby and Dora will be quite happy together.

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The Bunny Painting

21, 2002

No you’re not hallucinating. It’s a painting of the bunnies! An artist
that Art and I met asked if I would teach her to use the web software
she bought and work with her to build her website. In return she did this
painting of the bunnies for us. As you can see her style is very “Pop
Art” and cartoony.

It’s a pretty large painting 24X24 inches, but it’s so hilarious!

You can check out Claudia’s other work at her website.
It’s still under construction, but she’s working on it every day, so there’s
plenty to see!

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