The Queen

Say hello to the new addition at our house! The painting was done by our friend Stephanie. I just love the expression on her, the queen’s, face. I had a hard time deciding between this one and the Alice in Wonderland painting, which is done in a similar style.

Of course, now I need a collection of these. We’ll see if Stephanie can tempt with paintings of other queens. Especially since we’ve discovered a shared love of Lady Jane Grey, the “9 days queen.”

I’m not sure I could resist a painting of her in this style.

You can check out Stephanie’s work on her blog and buy many originals and prints at her Etsy shop. Buy now before she wises up and starts charging what she should for those originals!

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This spoon was inspired by one of the greats of woodworking, Wharton Eshrick. Apparently, according to Art, whenever Mr. Eshrick was invited to dinner he’d bring a handmade spoon instead of a bottle of wine, flowers or a dish. He’d never sell the spoons, just give them as gifts. This fabulous mahogany spoon is Art’s first “gift spoon,” and was made for an upcoming invite.

So, if you’d like to get your hands on one of these A. Drauglis originals — you’ll have to invite us over for dinner!

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Art and Carly, the First Ten Years

That’s right party people — welcome to the beginning of the second decade of Art and Carly. On December 30th, we celebrated 10 years of togetherness and today we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. So here’s a lovely little photo montage to remind you of the past ten years.

Or if you like you can see it on Flickr in our Decade photo set

On our Walls

If you’ve been to our house you know that Art and I have a rather,
er… , eclectic art collection.  We tend to buy one or two
pieces every year at various art and craft shows.  We try
not buy at the shows that Art
is working
— that way we don’t just spend whatever we make
at the shows.  We do shop when we go to check out shows that
Art is interested in — not sure about the logic in this!

Below are links to the various artists whose work we’ve collected:


What a Beautiful Garden
Graham Davidson
– 3D Collage (Fredrick Festival of the Arts)

We must have looked at everything in Graham’s booth 2-3 times.
They were all hilarious!  Whe we left her booth, Art looked
at me and said — “Which one?”  We went back and
spent another ten minutes looking before we could choose.


The Dream Tarot
– Block Prints (Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival)
There’s no pictures of the one we have, but check out the “New
Moon Pool
” and “As
Above So Below

The Judgement of Paris by Grant SilversteinThe
Judgment of Paris

Grant Silverstein – Etchings
(Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival)

He doesn’t seem to have a website, so here’s a picture of the
piece!  For the mythologically impaired, it represents the
from Greek mythology
when Paris had to choose which goddess
was the most beautiful.

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The Bunny Painting

21, 2002

No you’re not hallucinating. It’s a painting of the bunnies! An artist
that Art and I met asked if I would teach her to use the web software
she bought and work with her to build her website. In return she did this
painting of the bunnies for us. As you can see her style is very “Pop
Art” and cartoony.

It’s a pretty large painting 24X24 inches, but it’s so hilarious!

You can check out Claudia’s other work at her website.
It’s still under construction, but she’s working on it every day, so there’s
plenty to see!

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