What? Art’s in DailyCandy?

Yes, Derby — he is. And we are very excited.

the crowd @ Crafty Bastards

Hey — That’s us! A friend caught us in a crowd shot at Crafty Bastards and didn’t even realize it until she got home and started processing the shots. We didn’t actually see each other there. We did meet some folks from Etsy, which is very exciting since Art and I both have Etsy shops!

So look on the left side of the photo in the foreground — that’s us!

p.s. don’t forget to check out Art’s new solo blog.

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Camping with Bears

Bear Can Mosaic

Nothing like camping and bringing the bears with you. Our bears proved that while bear cans may be resistant for wild bears — the teddy bear has no problem breaking into it.

Pictures from our recent trip to the Adirondacks. A few more on Art’s Flickr account.

1. Carly finds inner peace atop the castle of yore, 2. Wright, Marcy, Algonquin, 3. Atop the Castle of Yore, 4. toad, 5. At the base of the slide, 6. We did a poor job of hiding our bear can, 7. We didn’t know chipmunks could do this!, 8. The largest bear made off with the oatmeal, 9. Rocky Falls, 10. the weaver, 11. reading, 12. 07-08-06 038, 13. The Vodka Drinker, 14. Stuck?, 15. We did a poor job of hiding our bear can, 16. Art, 17. toad, 18. We didn’t know chipmunks could do this!

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Notice the Resemblance?

I think one of the reasons Art and I like hiking in the summer is the foraging! We found lots of wild raspberry bushes along the C&O canal. We also have a couple of raspberry bushes in our garden, which is where the picture of the teddy bear was taken.

When I posted foraging pictures to Flickr, I noticed quite a resemblance between Art foraging for berries and my teddy bear. 🙂

What do you think?

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Peacock on a Tractor

From Art’s visit to Bull Run Mountain Farm last week.

Ramps & Trout

It’s spring and that means ramp hunting time.

The Ramp Patch
My Ramp Patch

Prepped Trout
Prepped Trout
Two farm-raised trout stuffed with ramps which we foraged for that afternoon. I threw in some herbed ricotta that Carly had whipped up a few days prior.

Grilled Trout
Grilled Trout
I have had trouble keeping fish from sticking to the grill, so I laid them on a bed of ramp leaves. The ramp leaves burned away and the fish came right off.

After getting the (hardwood) fire good and hot, adding a piece of dripping wet cherry really got the smoke going.


Dinner – April 22, 2007
Dinner, April 22 2007
Grilled Trout stuffed with Wild Ramps and Herbed Ricotta.
Served on a bed of Ramp greens.
Bread: Seeded Pumpkin Bread from Firehook
Beer: Bell’s Lager of the Lakes.

It was pretty much a perfect meal. Just enough food. The beer matched well. The fish was smoky but still moist because of the ricotta. The bread had enough sweetness to complement the ramps.

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Visit to Tom’s Farm

Mosaic Monday, originally uploaded by Carly & Art.

Art had a delivery this weekend to a great guy who has a small farm with chickens, turkeys, guinea hens, horses, peacocks and a few other animals.

Washington in Bloom

Washington in Bloom, originally uploaded by Carly & Art.

Our weekend tour of Spring-time Washington.

Whirlwind Week

Art and I had quite the whirlwind of a week last week.

Tuesday: 03/06/07
Dogfish Head Beer Dinner at the Reef

The Reef is a bar and restaurant in Adams Morgan that my sister used to practically live at. We actually found out about the beer dinner through the Dogfish Head mailing list. The evening began with hors de ouvres served with pints of India Brown Ale. As Art and I were drinking and snacking, we ran into a former co-worker of mine and his girlfriend. That turned out to be a great thing, because we ended up chatting with them off and on all night.

When the main event began the owner of the reef and the owner of Dogfish Head Brewery came out to give us the low-down on the evening. Among the highlights of what I learned from their introductions is that the Reef has a bit of an eco-mission (*yeah*) and tries to serves eco-responsible food and drink. For example, they only serve beer on tap, because there is a lot less waste without the bottles. An amusing connection I learned that night about the owner of Dogfish Head Brewery is that he went to the same prep-school as my grandfather: Mnt. Hermon. He got kicked out — my grandfather worked in the kitchen as a scholarship student. Oh — and of course it was about 60 years difference in time — but still.

The food for the evening was decent and the beer was fabulous. The pairings of beer and food were actually slightly better than the actual food. Everyone there agreed that the beet dish with both golden beets and crispy red beets was the best. Most people had never really eaten beats before, so it was a new thing for them.

Needless to say the evening reinforced our love of all things Dogfish Head.

Wednesday: 3/7/07
Hamlet in Hebrew
On Wednesday night we went to Signature Theatre to see an Israeli theatre company’s production of Hamlet. It had been translated into modern Hebrew with supertitles of the Shakespearean English. It was really interesting, the parts in Hebrew I could actually understand showed a great use of the language and poetry in the translation.

Beyond the Hebrew, the production itself was really interesting. The audience was seated in swivel chairs and the play moved all around us. It was very simple production wise, with minimal sets and costumes. The acting was great and some of the staging choices made left us with lots of things to talk about.

Saturday: 3/10/07
Philly Flower Show
To finish off the week, Art and I drove to Philly to meet up with Dad and Susan. We all trekked to the flower show and then through the flower show. Damn, that flower show is just huge. Dad bought us a funky carnivorous pitcher plant! Then we all ended up at Fogo de Chao for dinner. We had to hike a good distance from the convention center for a place that didn’t have an hour wait. Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian meat palace chain where the meat comes fast and furious. The salad bar alone is worth the visit, but the meats were really good too.

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Art’s Birthday

We hiked Old Rag for Art’s birthday again this year. Thankfully for me it had rained the night before and looked like it might rain that day — which means once again I escaped the ridge trail. We hiked the other trail up, which is a bit longer — but not evil like the ridge trail.

It started to clear up pretty quickly and turned into a really beautiful day. We made crazy good time up the mountain! As we approached the top, we started to feel the wind. I’ve never understood what “rushing wind” sounds like until that moment. It was so loud and so strong. Gusts must have been 30-40mph. We found a nook at the summit and tried to get the tea house to serve us.

The tea house nearly blew away in the wind, but we persevered and had tea and scones. Then we got out of the wind and back into the forest area, where the wind died down. We hiked back down, once again in record time. Drank some cider that we bought on the way from Williams Orchard in Flint Hill and went home!

Photo0036.jpg Photo0038.jpg Photo0050.jpg Copperhead Photo0046.jpg Photo0045.jpg Photo0044.jpg Photo0041.jpg Photo0040.jpg Photo0039.jpg

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