Eagles, Bluebirds, and Hawks…oh my!

Exciting feathered friend news! There was an article
in the Sunday Washington Post
that sent us off on a bald eagle hunt
in the freezing cold!

We drove over to Fort Foote Park, and actually saw our first eagle on
the way. It was really exciting. I couldn’t tell at first if it was a
hawk or a vulture, but then I saw the white head and got a clear view.
It was unmistakably a bald eagle.

So Cool!

At Fort Foote Park
we saw a few more eagles and I saw my first eastern
. It was so pretty! There were about a half-dozen that we
could count.

It was really cold at the park, so we headed off to a few other locations,
but didn’t see any more eagles. We had some hot chocolate and went home
to warm up!

In further exciting bird news…

A red-bellied
has become a frequent visitor to one of our bird feeders.
It’s quite large and only comes when nothing else is knoshing. And, as
if that weren’t exciting enough. Art saw a coopers
perched in a tree in our backyard today! It sat there long enough
for him to make an accurate identification in comparison to the broad-winged
hawk he had seen recently. That makes 31 species Art has identified in
our yard.

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