Hello, Mr. Derby

Big bunny news! Well, actually — little bunny news. We went to bunny adoption day today, or as Dora likes to call “speed dating.” Dora met four fine gentleman, and finally selected Derby, a handsome brown mini-rex.

Derby the bunny
One of the four, Bramble, decided that nooky was the way to start their encouter — he was instantly ruled out. Dora is just not that kind of doe. It was too bad, he was a handsome rabbit and very outgoing.

She also met with Bales and Fiejte. Both were most polite and fine candiates, but in the end she and Derby just hit it off. Derby also did a fine job of winning over Carly and Art. He sat on Art’s lap while the other boys went to meet Dora. He looked a bit jealous and concerned. Later when he and Dora had the chance to spend a little more time together with Carly chaperoning — he turned his charm on Carly. He hopped about her, nudged and tugged on her shoelaces. He also was most willing to stop for petting.

Derby and Dora had a bit of ear licking and cuddling, then groomed themselves and just got comfortable being around each other. Derby is a little skittish, because one of his fellow foster-bunnies recently attacked him, but he figured out quickly figured out that Dora was a good bunny that would make a fine friend. They found much common ground including a shared love of timothy hay and papaya treats.

Dora and Derby are currently off on their “bunnymoon,” and should be arriving home in about a week to their fabulous two-story cottontail cottage. They have registered at Bunny-bytes and, of course, donations to the House Rabbit Society are always appropriate.

Mr. Paisley can’t be replaced, but we think that Derby and Dora will be quite happy together.

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