I’m just not sure what to say……

Yes, I am a star.  Now give me a carrot.

What is there to say. Our rabbits are super stars! First Dora and Paisley make the Disapproving Rabbits book. Now Derby is a star on Cute Overload. The original Flickr photo now has 2,800 views and 20 people have favorited it. There are over 71 comments on the Cute Overload posting, too. To think I was excited to be a CO “pointer outer.” This is much better.

And in other exciting internet news, Pup of Monster Cabinet made the home page of Etsy and has quite a few new fans too.

In additional Internet fun too, check out this Amy Sedaris video starring her pet rabbit and a cupcake shop. She’s shilling for Microsoft, but we’ll forgive her because the video his hilarious and talks about the House Rabbit Society.

[update 2/11/08] Derby has been compared to several well known disapprovers. I made a mosaic for a side-by-side comparison

Derby and the Comparisons

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