Moose Drool Beer . . . hmmmmm. . . Beer!

Moose Drool Beer . . . hmmmmm. . . Beer!

I can’t believe how many great micro-brews there are in Montana! Our first day in Montana Amy and Brett (Art’s cousin and new husband) took us over to Montana Ale Works for a late lunch. Uncle Clyde was a bit concerned about having organic beer. “I don’t want bugs in my beer,” he said. But — he had to acknowledge that the beer was really good, after trying some!

Montana Ale works serves Blackfoot River beer. I had a great chocolately porter. I think it was the North Fork Porter.

Another local favorite, imported from the wilds of Colorado (where Amy and Brett used to live) is the beers of New Belgium Brewery. Fat Tire and others were served at all the parties surrounding the wedding events. Not only do they make great beer, but they have really pretty labels — a great way to choose both beer and wine!

My personal favorite for name alone is afore mentioned Moose Drool, by Big Sky Brewing Company. We drank draft and bottles, and both were great!

Since this makes us all sound like raving alcoholics, I have to give a shout to the folks at Rocky Mountain Roasting. Art and I had coffee there every day and it was great. We even stocked up on some of the giant muffins to take on the flight home!

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