Nature Calls

Quite the nature-filled weekend. After two seders and before
Easter dinner, we needed some exercise. On Saturday morning we
got up early, and left for the Shenandoah Valley. We planned on
a nice long hike to search for ramps, which are in season now.
We’d found a few on protected land, so we wanted to go find some
we could actually take home for dinner.

We went to Great North Mountain, which is in the George Washington
National Forest. It was a beautiful day, but totally the wrong
kind of environment to find ramps. So — we just enjoyed the hike.
I took lots of pictures on the new camera-phone, which you can
find on Flickr. They are the shots labeled 4-15-06 Shenandoah Hike.

Today we went over to the Arboretum and wandered through the
lilacs. We also hit the bonsai museum, which is another favorite
spot. Pictures of that start here.

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