The Garden

I don’t have nearly enough posts about Art’s amazing garden. We live in a city and he has a small farm out there. I’ll have to go get some shots of the corn – yes, corn. But for now here’s a few that I took last week.

Our Apple Tree Along the front fence and the side we have pink pearl and calville blanc apples. They are both heritage breeds. I don’t know which one this is a picture of, but isn’t it a yummy looking apple?




Our Peach Tree The peaches are Perigrine. They are white peaches. We thought we were getting “UFO” or donut peaches — but they sent us the wrong thing. There’s so many on the tree it’s amazing!




Sunflowers! We have tons of sunflowers that we didn’t even plant. They are all “volunteers” planted by the birds from our feeder, which is full of sunflower seeds/




Art working in the GardenHere’s Art working in the garden. Did I mention that it’s organic? No chemicals — just hard work and compost.




The herb gardenThis is the herb garden that runs along the front of the house in a raised bed. The house is below the street level, so this is protected from the sidewalk. In the foreground you see sage. There’s also thyme, echincea, native honeysuckle, roses, and other things. There’s more herbs in the main garden, but this is a nice cluster.

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