Close to Home

We’ve been exploring pretty close to home lately. Last weekend
we hit the Mount Vernon Trail (map)
and explored Dyke
and then trekked to the Jones
Point Lighthouse
. This weekend (6-21) we went to a couple
of parks in the Great Falls, VA area.

In Dyke Marsh we saw a bunch of beautiful gold finches, which
are common in this area just not in our neighborhood. We also
saw two juvenile woodpeckers. They were very small and cute! There
were also lots of pretty butterflies, interesting swamp flowers,
and honeysuckle.

The lighthouse was less interesting than expected, but worth
the hike. It’s a one story house with a big light on top. Unfortunately,
a good part of the walk is right along the edge of the GW parkway,
so there were cars wizzing by the whole time.

This weekend we went to Grange Park in Great Falls, VA. There
was a interesting old schoolhouse,
which Art and I have decided would be the perfect size and layout
for us to live in! It had a great space for him to have his shop
in — but this was all just dreaming. The school house is owned
by a Fairfax County and used as a rental property for events,
so we could have a party there sometime, at least. 🙂

What's Letterboxing?Found:

Great Falls Grange Park
Great Falls, VA

Bear Went Over the Mountain

Riverbend Park

Great Falls, Virginia


Mount Vernon Trail Series #3
Dyke Marsh Wildlife Habitat

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