We came across these two red fox who appeared to be stuck together. Our first thought was that they were mating. But they were facing in opposite directions. Having not read the Kanine Sutra we were unaware if this position was even possible for coitus. The predicament went on for a few minutes and they remained entangled. We wondered if there was some glue or piece of trash or something which was keeping them together. The classic Washington dilemma then popped up: Which Agency Do I call?

311 is the city’s catch-all number; from there we could get animal control. BUT we were on Federal property managed by the National Park Service; Do we backtrack to the Park Police substation?
Thankfully they freed themselves before we became entangled in the overlapping jurisdictions. The two animals were hurting, but licked their wounds, stretched, and trotted off.
Hain’s Point Golf Course, Washington, DC

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