The Forest of Ghosts

At first we thought that this was just an oddly-sited piece of public art. From the fort i tried to line up a picture of a cannon on the circle as if it were a target.
When we got closer we could see that many names and thoughts had been recorded on the pieces of driftwood. Then we saw the explanation. It is a place for remembrance; a place to publicly share one’s loss. You can write on the wood that is there, or add another piece of wood if you like.
It is built around a steel armature with a concrete foundation. A practical consideration for art in a hurricane zone, but one which reinforces the intent of the piece. When the inevitable storm comes and scatters the branches it can be started again. It is much like the nature of loss and recovery; an ebb and flow of feelings and memories where an absence may not be felt or noticed every day or even every year

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